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We help you create lasting habits that change the way your community sees nutrition


Entertaining and exciting nutrition content enticing your community to learn more.

For you

A nutrition platform designed directly for gyms, studios and active spaces.


Tools designed to adapt insightful nutritional messages onto a range of media outlets, diversifying content delivery.

How It works


Our team of dietitians, nutritionists and online content creators compile a toolkit of exciting, informative and practical everyday nutritional information. Toolkits are sent directly to your inbox every week, full of content.

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Using the Toolkits equal delivery of content creation tools and insightful nutrition content, optimise a range of online platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, email, podcast, blog posts and more to send clear and constructive nutritional messages to your community alongside your current health content. Design content that reflects your brand, community and delivery style.


Create a nutrition culture that speaks to everyone, whatever their goals, building a more complete health package for your community, centred around your unique brand and ethos.

Expand your community by attracting new customers online through a greater diversity of content.


Develop strong, lasting nutritional habits for your members, as improved knowledge and community accountability facilitates better health and well being, enhanced performance and achievement of body composition goals.

Helping Your Business Thrive

Key Benefits


In an increasingly competitive market place of active spaces, adding further quality is vital for standing out.


Getting people through the door is your business model. We'll give you the tools to keep them there for good.


Every person who sees your content as valuable will want to discover what you have in store in your physical space.


Encourage members to continue their journey with you by providing additional services to enhance long term success.


Not only do you provide an outstanding active space, you now also offer high quality nutritional advice. Make a presence on the industry with a more complete package.


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Every new partner receives a subject code which flags our support team to answer the enquiry within 24hrs. We know you may not be experts, or even just want to bounce and idea of us, so we want to give you immediate support.



How is this different to nutrition coaching software?

How does the dedicated support work?

Coaching software focuses on targeting an individual and personalising their diet and nutrition to take them step by step to a target weight. We instead seek to give you the content required to create habits within your community and make nutrition a long term mission towards health.

Can I reshare the images in the toolkit?

Yes, all the images are created by us with sharing rights under our IP. Images are designed to be shared and recreated within your brand style.

How do the Advanced Package Q&A's work on our social media?

Every month we will arrange a date for our team to initiate a question opportunity within your Facebook page and Instagram stories. We will ensure everyone is answered so your community can get the personal insights they require.


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