The next evolution in protein bars

It’s time you had a protein bar that does more for your health.

A bar that provides the highest quality protein to enhance your recovery and improve your performance.

A bar that has the capacity to help improve your mood, boost immunity and aid cardiovascular health.

A bar that only uses natural ingredients and organic chocolate to create an amazing, unique taste.

A bar that doesn’t compromise on calories, but can fill you up when you need that convenient snack.

This is the Affinity Bar.

Premium Quality Protein

Protein quality matters! We use grass-fed ultrafiltered Whey Isolate and Micellar Casein to provide the purest, strongest protein available in a protein bar.

The combination of proteins allows for immediate and prolonged muscular recovery, as the Micellar Casein is more slowly absorbed providing improved recovery from your bar.

Advanced Fibres

Prebiotic fibres naturally derived from plant based sources are an esssential part of the diet. In the UK we are not getting the required 30g+ of fibre a day within our diets, with the average person falling just below 20g/day.

Filler fibres have long been used in protein bars to reduce sugar and overall calories, though provides little to no health benefits.

Each Affinity Bar has 10g of beneficial fibre, providing a more filling snack to help you not over consume calories between meals, helping achieve weight loss goals.

Prebiotic Fibres

We understand the vital role prebiotic fibre plays on your gut health and wider performance and health mechanisms.

A key aspect of this is the diversity required to encourage the 'good' bacteria to thrive, contributing to a range health benefits.

While many bars are quick to add a single fibre to their bars we have added 4 unique prebiotic fibres, all of which having an influence on your gut microbiome. It is the most significant addition of prebiotic fibres to any protein bar.

100% Natural

Our mix of ingredients are elegantly simple, providing a bar you can trust is effective and natural. Our premium ingredients are naturally processed, keeping the nutritional integrity of each ingredient.

We use natural sweeteners removing the chemically aftertaste you receive with so many protein bars. Our Mint bar is sweetened with dates, Peanut bar with honey and Cookie bar with grape concentrate. All bars are topped with an organic milk chocolate layer completing an earthy, non-artificial tasting bar.


Usually natural protein bars are packed full of sugar making them extremely calorific. Our careful balance of sweetness and flavour ensures both the Cookie and Mint bars are under 200kcal and the Peanut Flapjack (at 72g) has only 285kcal.

Natural, high quality ingredients. This is how protein bars should be made.