They bought it.

time to sell them stuff.......

Only joking.

We know the models, the hacks and ways businesses convince you into buying services which are of a poor standard and lacks innovation.

Until you feel we provide you with quality value to your business and your community you should not buy anything from us.

Everyone at Affinity is working hard to bring a stronger future to the health & fitness industry. prioritising innovation to gyms, studios and active spaces across the world, going beyond returning to normal and creating a more powerful industry than existed before the pandemic.

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Where NExt?

Active Space Nutrition Report

Explore the changing consumer attitude towards nutrition within active spaces. Understand how your gym, studio or active space can implement a range of new strategies to improve the health and fitness of your community.

Changing Fitness Spaces Into Health Spaces 


The modern fitness space has a lot of room for development to cater for the growing requirements of the consumer.

Do Gyms and Active Space Now Have to Be Online?


A look at how the pandemic has shifted the market and the opportunities it has presented for the evolution of physical spaces to build communities without walls.


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