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A resource for gyms and studios to access a full service review and analysis of your online platform completely free.


Take just 5 minutes to answer a few questions and our team will evolve your online strategy with benefits including:


Aligning your vision for growth with the strongest strategies for market penetration.


Clear guidance on your three most important points for bringing in new members.


Developing community dynamics in an organic and authentic way, enhancing experiences and creating unique relationships.


Utilising your core values, ethos and skillsets to get an edge in the market.


Dynamically building beyond live and on-demand classes to create incredible experiences in your Health Hub.


Ready To Evolve? 


It's time to reflect on your current online offering.

How much of an impact is it having on your community?

Where are you taking it next?

What performance metrics are most important to your growth?

Is your unique brand helping you effectively stand out to obtain more members?

If you want to bring in more clients, retain existing members long term and increase the customer lifetime value then we can help you make these assessments, like we've done with many others, providing our strongest ideas to build your online offering in an authentic way.

Completely free value to help bring hybrid spaces like yours the edge in the competitive online world, so gyms can continue to lead in the health & fitness landscape.

Take a few moments to complete the form below.


"Market insights, delivering experiences, data and performance measures, it had it all. We knew the importance of digital, but that has shown the real potential."

Andrew Oyogo,
Movement Excellence

"Exactly what we needed to realign our strategy and stay optimistic about the growth of the platform."

Mark Bowman,
Beyond Fitness

"A really helpful strategy to help us organise before our reopening. Excited for our hybrid future"

Kate Marsden,

Affinity Active Spaces
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