Online Evolution Programme

Time To Get Your Online Space Reaching It's Full Potential 

We believe in you.

You have the strongest capacity to influence health through your expert coaching, accountability, personalisation, trust networks and support.


You create the structures of each individuals health journey, which is why your transition online is vital to encouraging more people to become healthier and happier.


It's people, not tech or apps, that will be most effective in this new era of health & fitness.


One which continues to have businesses like yours at the centre of the industry.

If you are searching for


ideas to excel online.


solutions your community needs.


 frameworks for connection.



optimisations to your existing services.






that work for you.


Structured online business

to work alongside your physical space.


Your brand and

to seamlessly run through your online platform.

Then partner with us.


We're not here to run social media ads, bring in a set of random leads, create your content, do your sales calls or set you up on a software and leave you to it.

We know its real partnerships that create lasting change. A dialogue, sharing our expertise with you to help make the best decisions for your community and your business.

Your Personality

Your Culture

Your Brand

First things first,
We get to know you.

What does it mean to be a part of your community?

What are you looking to get out of being online?

What are your goals for the future?

What elements of health are you most passionate about addressing?

You ask the right questions to make your members healthy, we do the same to make your online business healthy.


The Process

Once we know what's best for your business we get to work effeciently.

Work quickly to build operational systems that you and your team can utilise to advance the growth of your online space both short and long term.

Our three tried and tested stages


Laying the foundations for growth. Giving you the confidence to make as big of an impact online as you do in person. Develop a programme which excels in member retention.


Making strategic and authentic advancements in your services to acquire more members and expand your community. 

Build systems to ensure regular sales across your platform.


The optimisation that is going to make you really stand out.

Building internal systems of innovation and growth for your business and your community.


You read about us and get blown away with inspiration about the potential of your online offering.

Arrange a convenient time to call and discuss what you are looking for out of an online evolution and new health strategies.

Confirm final aims and objectives and get started.


We do a deep dive into the way you want to serve your members and ensure we are completely in line with how you want to develop your community.

Enter Development phase laying foundations and systems for success.

Move to Scale phase, quickly expanding your community.

Build long term with the Enhance phase.

We spent the whole of 2020 innovating this process to organise the chaos that is involved with moving your space online highly effectively.

We know what it takes to succeed. And now we have a framework to execute.


Embed operational systems into your business that encourage innovative ideas, new inspiration and continued scalability of your business. 

Develop an authentic online experience that your community will love, moulded around your unique brand. 

Have the capacity to deliver health in all its forms, creating a deep and lasting connections with each member of your community. 

Increased profitability, membership retention, member goal achievement, customer lifetime value and membership capacity.


Why Affinity?

Our Mission

Turning Gyms and Studios Into Active Spaces 

Active Spaces are not bound by their four walls. They are community centric businesses. Most importantly, they deliver solutions for a variety of health principles their community needs the most.

Put the Future of the Industry Where It Belongs

It's spaces like yours that will define the future of health for millions. The skills you posess that help people become their best selves. It's time to scale that.

Health For Everyone

Gym penetration rates have struggled below 20% for far too long. It's time we expanded the opportunity to be healthy. That is done through smart business strategies and commitment to helping each individual. It's time we tackled the large scale health problems.

Our Guarantees

Guaranteed ROI
We know times are tough so we're not going to cost you. Money back after 4 months if you haven't achieved an equal or greater return on investment.

Dynamic Resources

Resources that you keep for reference in the future, helping lock in to your operational systems required for continued growth.

Regular Direct Communication

This transition is complex. Our delivery structure means you will speak to your business development leader every week, receiving regular feedback. 

Real Growth

Clear business and personal growth for you and your team to tackle the new era of health & fitness.

The Industry Has Changed.

Health Means More. 

It's Time To Evolve.

Let's Get Started


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