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From a small London gym to a series of protein bars, Affinity Nutrition finished 2019 realising that to influence more people to improve their diet we would have to work with gyms to support stronger nutritional implementation.

The Active Space Toolkit was created to help gyms and studios develop some much-needed framework of nutritional support for their community. Our 5 Stage process rapidly grew in popularity and has been benefitting businesses and their communities since its launch.

Then COVID-19 happened.

Our partners needed more support. As everyone pivoted to digital we spoke to our partners about adapting our nutrition toolkit to other areas of health. Peoples activity was reduced, mental health took an even sharper dive, just running classes was not enough to keep people healthy.

We long envisioned the development of the industry to cater for greater health problems and this was the opportunity. The world stopped to assess their health caring more about immunity than six-packs. We worked with our partners to retrofit our process of enhanced online nutrition delivery into more holistic health support.

Our framework to improve health delivery is packed into a 5 stage process:

Understanding what your communities biggest health problems are and developing your knowledge of the industry to capitalise on growing trends around health.

Making sense of the information gathered and beginning to show your capacity to deliver support through your core success characteristics which your coaches provide.

Putting this plan into action so your community sees the value of support you are providing and they make progress in their varied health goals

Advancing progress and value into habits and in-depth support which create exciting changes to your communities health. Encouraging them to invest further into their fitness and wellbeing

The use of community to hold it all together. Creating unbeatable social fabrics that form incredible relationships around health. The most important element of your business for growth and purpose.

By accompanying these principles with a new model which perfected sales and marketing strategies our partners quickly moved from nutritional support to business support as we knew being online was now absolutely essential. Partner these processes with new ideas about subscription modelling, community building and online brand positioning and we have made truly outstanding frameworks for success.

The Affinity Active Space Community was born.

We believe in gyms, studios and active spaces of all types. and believe change is in your hands. We've seen it happen over the past 6 months, as businesses once scared of the future now thrive with our support.


And we want to help you too.


Health Philosophy

Our philosophy rests on two key components. Complete Health and Active Spaces

Complete Health

We believe in six principles of health which control our decision making and influence the shape of the health & fitness industry. They are all interconnected and should be addressed synergistically to create prolonged health with maximum efficiency. Consumers care deeply about each of these principles of their health and seldom find the opportunity to explore them all in one place.

Complete Health is the understanding that physical health, nutritional health, mental health, social health, as well as health intelligence and health longevity have to be built together. Each effects the others and right now we struggle to build this alone.

This is why the emergence of Active Spaces will become vital.

Active Spaces

Active spaces are gyms that goes beyond fitness, exploring solutions for each of the six principles of complete health to better serve their community.

Active spaces are not bound by walls, utilising their physical space as a hub for a wider community of people online that buy into their unique methods of delivery.

Active spaces are embedded in community. Shaping their business to best develop each individual and create a tribe of people passionate about supporting each others varied health goals.

Active spaces are innovative and versatile, always seeking new ways to promote health in response to their communities most pressing health concerns.

Active spaces are pragmatic and driven, looking to incorporate new tech solutions to operate their business at increasing scale. Always looking to build the strength of their business to serve their coaching family and their community.

Active spaces are the future of the health & fitness industry.
And we're here to champion your growth.

It's time to redefine the gym. It's time for Active Spaces.








Our Future

We are ambitious about the future of the fitness industry led by gyms, studios and active spaces. Therefore we are ambitious about the future of our Active Space Community.

We make no mistake that major challenges lie ahead as we transition through 2020 into the future.



COVID-19 has damaged the health & fitness industry, seemingly only larger digital companies benefitting from this period. We are the most important industry in rebuilding the world as we all consider our health before anything else. We cannot go back to the old way of calling success serving less than 20% of Western populations. Gyms need to be more, to address health in all its forms. Health intelligence should be valued more than six-packs. I see potential in every person to advance their health and commit to looking after their body and mind in order to lead happy, fulfilled lives. But none of us can do it alone which is why your services are more important than ever.

Health For Everyone

Our model for success was created during a period when health was everyone's main concern. Everyone deserves an opportunity to take hold of their health in all its forms, regardless of their background, ethnicity, social status or income. Health & Fitness shouldn't be for the few that can afford it. Our models were therefore designed to be as accessible as possible so we can all fall in love with being healthy. Our guidance is meant to inspire partners to create opportunities that are affordable within the development of their services. Not only are we committed to helping active spaces create more affordable opportunity we seek to coordinate our own events and services which expand the influence of health to more of the population globally.

We embrace technological advancements which will only make it easier to live healthier lives. We seek to implement as many of these right the way through Active Spaces of all kinds so your growth as a business can impact more lives around the world.

Tom Skyrme


Affinity Active Spaces

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