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  • Affinity is fundamentally changing the fitness industry with a focus on the evolution of gyms to active spaces

  • Health needs to be delivered holistically in line with the values and character of each active space

  • Ideas are community centric and designed to change the perception of health for the broader consumer market

  • The new era for the industry will be centred around the active space and their capacity to deliver personalised coaching at scale

  • The ideology of change is backed up by a highly effective strategy

The future of health and fitness with tom skyrme from affinity active spaces

The Future of Health Delivery

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At Affinity Active Spaces we are looking to answer three vital questions that will change the state of health & fitness delivery.

What does health truly mean and how can we work to advance it holistically?

How do we create desirable spaces to evolve health at scale now and into the future?

What makes health development meaningful and accessible to everyone?

Affinity's mission is fundamentally change the way health is perceived by evolving the gym into active spaces.

Active spaces are not a type of facility such as health club, big box or boutique, nor is it a franchise or workout. It is an ideology, the next evolution to the gym as we know it.

We are a company dedicated to supporting the dynamic and holistic health problems of the modern world. Tackling inactivity, obesity, mental health and social health with strategies that resonate most with the consumer to build lasting commitment to health.

What makes this ideology so influential is it fundamentally changes the perception of the spaces we use to develop our health. Health, fitness and wellness industries have long been fragmented, dominated by the fitness and gym landscape. Active spaces bring health together, a central point where we have a true desire to improve our health in all its forms, surrounded by those who share our values, beliefs and passions, to whom we create an affinity. They form a barrier to the medical services and ensure preventative solutions are the leading form of public health. A space not only for solving health problems, but promoting versatile health development, taking a new role in society.

We know the positive impact physical activity has on overall health, but it's time to build on that. To realign health delivery we must look to answering the questions of what health really means, how we deliver it and how to get more people to believe in it.

This change comes together in our three core concepts.

1) Complete Health

'What does health truly mean?'


Complete Health is our purpose concept. Designed to be believed by the people and delivered by the space.

Our motto is 'Health Means More'. It means more than fitness, working out or the gym. We are managing our health all day every day and need to feel in control of every aspect. To do this we all need to view our health across 6 dimensions.

Health should be viewed holistically and delivered synergistically through -

Physical Health - How we move, how we build

Nutritional Health - How we fuel our bodies
Mental Health - Awareness and management of our positive and negative mental states

Social Health - How we build relationships, how we communicate and connect with people

Health Intelligence - Drawing from experience and perspective to understand more about how our body operates to feel a stronger connection to our health

Health Longevity - What we choose to do today will affect our tomorrow

Every action we take falls into a principle. Every principle impacts the others. We know this inherently but we need the support to manage this consistently.

This isn't about creating an unattainable ideal of perfection, insinuating that complete health can be mastered. It's acknowledging the journey we all go on in life to manage our health so we can live happy, fulfilled and purposeful lives. It's our belief that a conscious effort of progression will enhance that pursuit while maintaining the humility that mistakes will be made and lessons learned everyday.

2) The Active Space

'How do we create spaces to evolve complete health now and into the future?'

Evolution, Not Revolution

Every gym was created with a passion and belief towards improving the health of the community they build. It started with one person or group seeking to turn their beliefs, values, character and experiences into a business that helps others who share their ideals. It is this passion and commitment to community that changes lives. This is what we need to carry into the new era of active spaces. The core tenets of success in personalisation, accountability, trust, motivation, inspiration, dedication, versatility, accessibility, enjoyment and community create the sustainable growth each person desires. It is these skills that make the gym, in its best form, the prime candidate to lead us into the future of health.

Unfortunately, these core tenets of success have not been enough to shift the balance of health and increase market penetration past 20%. Fitness alone has not been enough to convince people to commit to their health. The gym landscapes fixation on body image and historical business practices of focusing on how to sell more memberships instead of asking how to change more lives has created a negative perception of the gym to the majority of people. The negligence of mental health, social health and nutritional support, all of which have been made harder to manage in the modern world, has made external factors deteriorate health away from the gym. Health simply has to be delivered holistically to make it sustainable.

Active spaces deliver health in all its forms with systems in place to manage each area to ensure progression is being made and problems are solved as and when they arise. This dynamic view of health requires the relevant support to the fitness coaches from nutritionists, physiotherapists, psychologist and other specialists all working together under the ethos of the active space. As a means to evolve, creating strategic partnerships with companies and individual specialists that share their values will provide the collaboration needed to effectively manage each area of health. This will provide their community the access they need to ensure their complete health needs are met. Gyms will move from being fitness focused to health focused delivering results in all areas.

To deliver complete health the gym in its current form needs to evolve quickly to be omnipresent by dominating the online space and build systems around personalisation and community.

Technology Creates Opportunity

The active space is equally a digital space.

Technology presents the opportunity to harness those core tenets of success that gyms excel in and deliver them at scale in line with the businesses values and ethos.

The Neural Network - Health Hubs

The digital presence of the active space creates 24/7 access to health development. Going beyond live and on-demand fitness classes, the online health hub creates a variety of holistic health experiences in the form of events, workshops, discussions, seminars, conversations, courses, entertainment and more, all designed to serve their communities health desires on their terms. As the active space evolves the services will increase in volume, quality and diversity, with similar opportunities existing in the physical space.

Brand success will be based on values, character, ethos, and delivery, making each space have the capacity to be a global influence as their culture and community transcends regions and borders to bring people together who share the meaning of being associated with what that active space stands for. Just as the influencers and celebrities of today use their personality and relatability to achieve global reach, the brand personality of the active space is able to make expansive digital communities and deliver unrivalled value.

Community and social fabrics are the biggest driver of health. Cultivating true community online is dependant on social factors like intentional collective development, relatable and representative leadership and the feeling safety, security and value for all. The health hub will be the neural network of the active space creating consistent conversation, cooperation and cohesive application of health to both the in-person members and extended online community.

Personalisation will be scaled to ensure each member has the support of the community while moving towards their health goals with the personal touch felt from their coaching.

Digital innovation set to emerge including AI, wearable tech and VR will change the industry and provide opportunity for active spaces to further develop their platforms. Instead of tech taking over the role of the gym, the impact and popularity of active spaces will encourage brand collaboration, integrative solutions and specialised innovation so that new tech and specialist health brands align the active space's delivery.


The Heartbeat - Community

The personality and heart of the brand will remain in the physical location which provides the tangible and consistent base where the coaches, leaders and community gather.

Active spaces will expand their influence on their local or regional community. Their adoption of complete health strategies will create larger community membership bases with success amplified by their online presence. Membership options will become broader to include online only and various in-person or hybrid subscriptions.

The in-person experience is undoubtedly the strongest health developer through community and connectivity. As community evolves through advanced connectivity and shared ideals around more holistic health it will drive commitment and development. The active space will become the centre of the local community as a space where members no longer go for just a 1hr workout, but spend hours developing different areas of their health together.

3) People and Perception

What makes health development meaningful and accessible to everyone?


To truly evolve the gym into active spaces we have to change the way health is perceived and the desire of the consumer to believe in it. The goal for health has to be a mass participation level which matches that of the smartphone.

Leading With Complete Health

Complete health makes the active space more appealing than fitness centric gyms. The idea that we have a safe and secure space, surrounded by people who care for us, all sharing the belief that health is developed across multiple dimensions fundamentally changes our ideas towards being healthy. This moves us away from the toxic development of body image, perfection and anti-weakness. The active space becomes a desirable space, not somewhere we 'should go' or 'have to go' which the majority concern the gym as. We can work on different elements of our health, ultimately working on them all as we develop.

Away from the physical space, consumers will develop their own health spaces utilising easily accessible digital resources and connectivity to engross themselves in their health development. Going to the active space (physical or digital) to work on our mental health or social health will become as natural as going to the gym to work on our fitness is today.

Meeting People Where They're At

We are all on a health journey. The spectrum is broad and subjective, leaving everyone in a different place with a different perspective. Meeting each person where they are in their health journey is vital to helping them believe in their journey going forward.

Complete health may be an ideology that everyone resonates with, but without the active space to reinforce their values and character they will not fully commit. The philosophy is fluid to the modern world, not only working alongside existing beliefs and diverse cultures, but attentive of where external influences affect our health and how we can remain in control where situations seem to remove it.

Social Fabrics

Our decisions are socially influenced, on both the macro and micro scale. Finding ourselves in a community or tribe creates both comfort and constructive challenge in our beliefs and values. The active space is embedded in community where the health of the collective is equally important to that of the individual. It is a space of growth, which often requires discomfort, at the same time enjoyment, passion and meaning to all. We are able to rely on the coaches, leaders and fellow community members for the information and development we need across our health, instead of being susceptible to adverse health opinions and beliefs from those with motives that do not provide true value to health enhancement.


The fitness industry is fighting a difficult battle to deliver health at scale.

One thing for sure is that the fitness industry and surrounding health industries are resilient and passionate about helping people develop their health.

Intrusions in the market from external players with financially equipped motives will damage the industry despite the apparent success. Catering to higher income and existing consumers will add financial value to the industry, but will have an overall negative influence.

Significant financial growth of the industry, beyond the tech disruptive period, will be achieved by accessing a wider percentage of the market and supporting commitment to health development.

We need an evolution that puts the gym and active space at the heart of all health development.

This is what Affinity will strive to do. Give the power to the leaders that seek to influence constructive, lasting change.

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Creating The Active Space - Strategy Based Evolution

Health means more. This is how we deliver it.

Our beliefs behind active spaces ability to deliver complete health are supported by highly effective strategies. By taking the core tents of success that create effective fitness strategies and further enhancing each gyms offering in line with their values and health ethos we develop compelling active spaces primed for the future.

We have tapped into key industries and economies of the future and made critical crossovers to deliver health exactly how the consumer seeks to receive it. The gig economy, freelance, SaaS, online content creation and digital marketing are all important structures that the active space optimise to create a community centric platform with personalised health delivery.

We offer gyms a transition to active spaces that guarantees -

Versatility - Producing value where the community needs it most and building systems to have a fluid and profitable delivery of services.

Opportunity - Generate new revenue streams from both membership and non-membership experiences from a greater range of services integrated in the physical and digital spaces.

Security - Ensure that forced closures or difficult circumstances are evaded by securing a digital market foothold.

Community - Develop a membership base that is more family than members, creating unrivalled brand commitment.

Exclusivity - Be different. Be more. Provide a service that delivers on the markets true health values.

Scalability - Strategically develop services that can be executed at scale with consistent value.


Development Strategies Based Around

New Customer Acquisition Strategies

Three dimensional customer acquisition that broadens the customers base while maintaining strongly suited customers.

The Health Hub

Integrating the right software and operational systems to create compelling digital spaces which delivers holistic health at scale.

Subscription Models

Organising the best pricing system for the growing membership base.

Community Development

Informed strategies required to build an effective brand community through communication, leadership and a mix of quantitative and qualitative feedback.

Dynamic Operational Systems

Highly effective operational systems that save time and resources to deliver increasing value.

Complete Health Brand Alignment

Ensuring each unique brand effectively aligns their content and mission within their communities expectations.

Rapid Development

Identifying key areas of development to excel forward quickly in the market.

Data Driven

Assessing development across the board with a variety of data points from both people and business.

Leadership, Coaching and Teams

For any business to be an active space the core concepts must run through their training ideals and delivered with effective cooperation and consideration of the values and character of the community.

How We Deliver - Partnerships, Not Clients

Ensuring we know the leadership, team and brand ideals to deliver a unique growth strategy which resonates strongly with the existing community and creates wildly appealing services.

If you're a gym, studio or health club looking to implement active space solutions contact us here


The Future Of Affinity

Affinity Active Spaces is currently focused on delivering the highest quality evolutions to the gym, studio and health club leaders that share our goals for the future of health delivery.

Long term, we are open to projects that tie into our philosophy of evolutionary change to the industry.

Some other areas include:

Bigger, Better

We want to see more active spaces open their doors with a clear alignment to complete health and with more spectacular facilities. We'd like to see over a million active spaces cover the world.

Greater Influence

Industry collaboration has the capacity to make significant health changes to society. Being able to put pressure on governments to make healthier policies based on sound research and application. Active spaces will speak for the peoples health motives and desires and should have authority in determining their outcomes influenced politically.

Active Space Community

We seek to bring together everyone involved in health that believe in our ethos and strategy. From PT's to executives everybody has a role to play in evolving the way we deliver health. Collectively we will create an impactful, highly effective and highly profitable industry that inspires innovation and societal change.

Tom Skyrme


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