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The perfect solution to nutritional support in active spaces.

A tool built for gyms, studios and active spaces to grow their business with expert nutritional services for their community.

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The Nutrition

Your ultimate guide for online nutrition content

The Nutrition Toolkit is an online resource providing you with the content and implementation skills you need to deliver an effective nutrition message.

To organise the key elements for effective online nutrition content we created 6 categories.

Nutrition content from each of these categories are compiled into a weekly toolkit, ready for you to transfer the high quality health content onto your online media pages. The service provides weekly issues where you can take from the toolkits and use to educate your community and build the profile of your brand outside your physical space.

A Business Tool

Utilising a range of online platforms is the most effective way to enhance communication with your community and reach new clients. Our content is transferable to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. As well as advice for implementing wider marketing tools like weekly emails, blogs, YouTube channels and podcasts.

Consumers are consistently let down by false promise diets. Make your business stand out as a leading health provider by providing long term change which encourages them to continue their health journey with you, finding consistent results.


Delivered As x25 Weekly .pdfs directly to your inbox

Our diversity in content and commitment to key principles of everyday nutrition, means that whether you're a general health & fitness establishment or niche facility our content will be valuable to you and your community.

Don’t just be an hour out of their day. Be an integral part of their health mission

We're with you every step of the way.

Our dedicated support network helps you answer the difficult nutrition questions and provides key implementation resources to make the most out of your challenges.

In an ever-growing and highly competitive market of active spaces, our exciting monthly Project Nutrition challenges will positively influence your member retention and help you build your brand reputation as a stronger health providing space, welcoming more members.

Challenges, practical information and accountability are important processes in reinforcing positive dietary habits within your community.

Our challenges, expertly formulated by qualified nutritionists, create an enjoyable and effective platform for your community to begin implementing stronger nutrition habits as a collective.

Create lasting habits with four easy steps which can be repeated with an exciting new nutrition challenge that we provide each month.

Step 2

Encourage your community to take on the challenge.

Create a support network with motivation, recipe ideas, potential incentives and

Step 1

Receive latest Project Nutrition Challenge directly to your inbox via .pdf

Step 3

Start Challenge!

With as many of your community involved.

Step 4

  • Review completed challenges

  • Engage with community to see how the challenge went for them

  • Reinforce new habits formed based on feedback

Helping your business thrive

Key Benefits


Getting people through the door is your business model. We'll give you the tools to keep them there for good


In an increasingly competitive market place of active spaces, adding further quality is vital for standing out.


Every person who sees your content as valuable will want to discover what you have in store in your physical space.


January is great, but we all know it's those that commit beyond the resolutions month that make the real change.


Not only do you provide an outstanding active space, you now also offer high quality nutritional advice. Make a presence on the industry with a more complete package.

The Ultimate Partnership Towards Improving Health​

We've brought together the two most important elements to delivering a positive nutritional message to your community and combined it with the business tools required to help you grow.

Our aim is to see your business thrive.

Community Partners

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Due to the ongoing health crisis we are keeping our prices at 50% off across all three 6 month bundles to help active spaces further engage with their members during this difficult period.

Nutrition Toolkit

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x25 Weekly Toolkits

Totalling Over 300 Content Pieces

Dedicated Support Network

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Project Nutrition

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x6 Monthly Project Nutrition Challenges

Full Implementation Guidance

Dedicated Support Network

Digital Copy Only



or $100/pm

x25 Weekly Toolkits

Totalling Over 300 Content Pieces

x6 Monthly Project Nutrition Challenges

Full Implementation Guidance

Dedicated Support Network


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NOW $20/pm

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