As a response to the demand within our gym for a protein bar with higher quality ingredients we developed the Affinity Bar. Passionate about nutrition and the influence of community on health and fitness we set out to develop a brand which did more than just sell nutrition products. Instead, enable more people independently grow stronger nutrition habits to help them become healthier and happier.


With the desire to engage with as many people as possible we attended over 200 events including a range of gyms, studios and other active spaces.

Engaging with individuals who had a range of health goals it became apparent few knew who to trust or where to go for their nutritional support. Our continued research really put into perspective the difficulty consumers have in finding valuable and reliable nutritional support.

Speaking to active space owners and leaders only very few understood the vital element nutritional support played within their community, with some making it just as important as their exercise programmes. These more successful spaces were contrasted heavily by so many active space leaders unsure of their role in nutritional support, often relying on our event attendance to provide this support or generalised franchise support.

We knew above all else that members of the active space’s community trusted their coaches more than anyone in the industry.

So, we decided to act

Piecing together a series of questionnaires and interviews to gain a stronger idea of the nutritional advice being provided in active spaces in relation to the consumer demand.

It led to the creation of this eye opening report 




Seeing a huge opportunity to help, born from the trust, and community element of active spaces we launched the Affinity Active Space Programme dedicated to supporting gyms, studios and active spaces in providing a unique nutrition service to their members and the ability to grow their business by dynamically expanding to fit the growing consumer demand for a more complete health package.

Partnerships with active spaces in 6 countries 

Working towards professional level recognition for our platform.

We continue our industry research to develop the platform into a vital support mechanism for active spaces to provide a greater health service to their community.

Our long term aim is to see every one of our partners grow with our support to expand their services and open more sites around a unique and driven brand, helping more people become healthier and happier.



Community focused. Business Optimised.

The aim is to raise the base level of consumer knowledge to empower them to make better dietary and nutritional choices. With the help of our platform your community will be able to make more informed decisions surrounding their diet as they trust you as their key source of overall health representation and accountability.


Practical Education and Habit Forming

The typical method of nutritional intervention focuses of calorie control and meal planning. Taking the responsibility out of the persons hands and providing the exact macronutrients and meals required to achieve an individualised end goal.

The industry sees a body transformation as success. The client is provided with various meal plans or recipes to follow for a period which supplements their training efforts to complete the desired transformation. 

But what happens after?

What happens when they don’t have access to the recipes meal plans or adapted macronutrient targets based off their new, transformed body?
Too many begin to regain weight or fail to continue their progress long term. Does that still mean that the diet was a success? Importantly, many do not understand what it means to be ‘healthy’. Skinnier or more muscular doesn’t necessarily mean healthier, and far too often this is not part of the transformation.

We believe there is a better way. In fact, there is a great deal of literature behind why our strategy towards nutritional intervention is stronger. It focuses on practical education. Never having to diet again. Instead, making your community understand more about how the foods they eat influence their body. It starts with health, not calorie cutting for fat loss or structuring in every ounce of protein to a fixed diet. It helps your community WANT to eat healthier foods that fit within their lifestyle. A person seeking weight loss doesn’t need the food taken out of their hand, they need the ability not to pick it up in the first place.

The resources we provide sets your community up to understand what it takes to be healthier as an absolute foundation. Developing knowledge around health and nutrition enables every one of your members to change the diet culture and create long term nutritional habits so achieving weight loss, muscle building, mountain climbing, ironman running, stress reducing, health promoting goals becomes part of their lifestyle and infinite journey.

And while it is not considered to be as glamorous, with the before and after photos and beach body results after only 4 weeks, we know that it will be far more beneficial for your community and your business. Instead of having a community full of people trying to shed body fat in time for summer, you will have a healthy group with year round body confidence and the mental capacity to choose what they eat effectively to maintain or continue to push for more ambitious goals.

We are not saying it should be either or. Meal plans and strict coaching versus practical, long term, education. Both would be the perfect solution in reality. Our aim is to make direct nutrition coaching redundant to your community long term as each individual understands nutrition so well that they are their own nutrition coach.

This is why our minimum programme length is 6 months / 32 weeks.
The information we provide in this period will deliver a strong foundation of improved nutrition within your community and help you build a culture of achieving goals and enhancing performance through greater practical understanding.


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A strategy developed exclusively for active spaces

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Explore the changing consumer attitude towards nutrition within active spaces. Understand how your gym, studio or active space can implement a range of new strategies to improve the health and fitness of your community.

Changing Fitness Spaces Into Health Spaces 


The modern fitness space has a lot of room for development to cater for the growing requirements of the consumer.